Military and Veterans

Vitality for Veterans is a registered 502(c)(3) non-profit branch of Dr. Allen’s office. All patrons with a military ID or Veteran’s status AND their dependents receive chiropractic care for free.

Tri-Care (in a nutshell) doesn’t cover chiropractic care. Military families have historically needed to pay cash in order to go to see a Chiropractic physician, massage therapist, acupuncturist, or most other forms of natural pain relief.

Vitality for Veterans is an office these families can come to for chiropractic care with no financial obligation.

Our grand vision is to grow into natural medicines’ equivelant of a teaching hospital. We hope to someday offer massage therapy apprentices, chiropractic interns, acupunture interns, and many other practitioners in the healing arts a safe place to hone their skills with people in dire need of their care. This in turn, offers those covered under Tri-Care or otherwise under-insured a place they can recieve pain relief.