Meet the Doctor

Allen-7Dr. Jessica Allen earned her doctorate at Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, MN. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in Biology and Business Law from Mankato State University, and received her massage therapy certification from Sister Rosalind Gefre’s School of Massage in Mankato, MN.

Dr. Allen believes in the value of soft tissue work supporting the healing benefits of the chiropractic adjustment. The body undergoes structural correction with regular chiropractic care that muscles and soft tissues need to adapt to. With the     correct soft tissue techniques in adequate amounts, the body is able to adapt thoroughly and efficiently, reducing or eliminating the inconvenience of soreness or other symptoms that may arise from a typical chiropractic visit.

Dr. Allen has spent the past decade refining her techniques and continuing her education to provide exceptional, individualized care. Your entire family benefits from regular chiropractic care, now you can enjoy quality, focused care in a relaxed setting.