Family Benefits

How many times have you avoided going to the chiropractor because you were too tired to keep your children corralled for hours between the drive time and the wait time in the office? Or you were afraid the doctor wouldn’t work well with your kids? Or your previous visits didn’t go well?

These stresses and more are now eliminated. Your already precious time with your family is now preserved in a way that can save you money.

Benefits include:

  • Your doctor is passionate about maintaining the health of you and your family
  • Your doctor has the time to explain treatment and benefits
  • Your doctor can work with your insurance
  • No more frustration waiting in waiting rooms
  • No more frustration waiting in treatment rooms
  • No more frustration with doctors that treat your children like inconveniences

Add value to your day and vitality to your family. Call 828-582-1403 or email for a FREE consultation today!